Episode #31 | Tarot Archetypes for Creative Entrepreneurs with Molly Mandelberg

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is doing more videos even when she isn’t feeling awesome or doesn’t think she has anything to say

Tarot archetypes for stages in the entrepreneurial/creation journey

How she saw her own vision to create an oracle deck through to fruition, even though it seemed like it might not work out

Powerful questions she asks herself anytime she feels stuck

Reclaiming her spiritual roots and incorporating spirituality into her business

How she made 117% her goal on indiegogo, despite being drastically under 7 days before the deadline

The card she pulled for all of us for 2020! (you’ll love this)

About Our Guest:

Molly Mandelberg, Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, is an expert in helping coaches, healers and visionaries to reach more people. She supports them in creating the strategy, content and systems to have their own heart-centered sales funnel so that they can make a bigger difference (and more money) with less time spent. Finding your perfect niche and catering specifically to those you can best help is a fine art, and one worth mastering. If you want to be inspired to take action, find the courage to reach for more, or get clarity on how to do so, Molly Mandelberg may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Connect with Molly at: WildHeartsRiseUp.com

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What creative or spiritual vision is currently inspiring you?


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