Episode #32 | Alchemizing Identities to Elevate Your Now with Kysha Mitchell

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is integrating more structure into her visibility, even though her rebel wants to do it her way

Accountability, trusting yourself and feeling into what is best for you

How to get clarity on your next steps without losing parts of yourself

The un-peeling of identities (that we love and don’t like) in order to open ourselves to our truest path

Identities that she has had to work through such as being a night owl and oftentimes the only woman of color on stage

Considering our role as visible leaders when it comes to inclusion, acceptance and how we show up in community

How being raised by her dad gave her an awe for women, and lead to her gathering groups to experiment with self-development work

Why she continues to do live events, even in this digital age

The false belief we need to shed in order to focus and allow ourselves to go towards our calling

How we have surviving covered as women, and now is the time to move towards thriving

About Our Guest:

Kysha Mitchell is a certified success coach, speaker, and a fierce advocate for women owning and living in their truth. She believes that our truth is our bond with the Divine and therefore, the path for living our best life!

She has guided dozens of women to reimagine their lives, take action and sustain a personal heart-driven version of success. Using her Triple C System of Clarity, Courage & Confidence, her clients receive strategies to reveal where their power lies, tools to apply it, and the encouragement to move forward in alignment with who they truly are.

Kysha credits her own success in entrepreneurship, community advocacy and public speaking to multiple business certifications, ongoing mindset & transformation studies, and a strong, active spiritual foundation. She lives in Oakland, supported by her Irreplaceable husband of 22 years, her 2 thoughtful & energetic teenagers and a strong inner circle of sisterhood & mentors.

Connect with Kysha at: ElevateYourNow.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
What identities would serve you to let go of in order to honor your calling?


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