Episode #34 | Openness, Connection & Community with Jen Harrison

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is leaning into being a queer woman who presents as more feminine & expressing more of what she is feeling

Her experience sharing honestly in a Facebook community and her honest share around how she is moving forward after being ostracized for it

The impact she has made by leading with raw vulnerability on social media

Allowing connection even through disagreement, pain and difficulty

Lessons she learned around connection and community after feeling so alone coming out of a divorce as a young, single mom

How to create community where the entire human experience is welcome

Her deep perspective on forgiveness in order to allow it to be, instead of “make it happen”

Getting our needs met without needing someone to be something for us

How she has evolved from owning a catering company to now supporting women in business

About Our Guest:

Jen is a business coach and retreat facilitator for entrepreneurs who are starting or growing their businesses. She's a business strategy geek, single mom, and serious traveller. She coaches clients 1:1, runs group programs, and hosts retreats in Bali, Mexico, and California for beautiful getaways that offer the personal and professional development her clients crave. 

Connect with Jen at: PiperandSloan.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
How do you create connection in community?



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