Episode #36 | Embody Your Inner Witch with Kendall Frey

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is being more vocal and bold in front of groups

How sensuality and play have been important in her owning her voice

The paradigm shift she experienced after a car accident that led to releasing the need to fit in

Why being “on brand” cuts us off from our full self expression

How she has gotten comfortable calling herself a witch on social media, even with fears of what family would think

The 2 things that have made all the difference in supporting her to get out of her comfort zone

Her path going from Baptist school to owning her Witch

Why she stopped using the word Witchy

Some of her sacred rituals and practices

Importance of creating space for yourself

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About Our Guest:

Kendall Frey is an Intuitive Transformation Coach and Co-Founder of Earth School ~ she supports witchy women to embody deeper parts of their soul, their personal mission and live in magic everyday, so they can have a bigger impact on the collective. 

After deciding the conventional path and the hustle were no longer aligned with her, she committed to growth and soul alignment and started her first business at 22. Since she's led groups, retreats, and loves blending energy, earth connection, and magic!

Connect with Kendall at: LivingEarthy.com

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What's your relationship to your inner Witch?

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