Episode #37 | Harmonize with Nature By Growing Your Own Nutrition with Breanne Gibson

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is shifting from being a listener to now sharing her voice

How she reframes any pushback she might receive on her bold message

Taking a stand and tuning in to our bio-individual needs

The biggest things she suggests you are aware of when consuming meat

How joining the military and doing human health risk assessments based on environmental factors led her to her path today

Why living in spiritual communities, off-grid and perma-culture communities over the span of 3 months reconnected her to the earth

Harmonizing with nature through our lifestyles and businesses

How your environment can steal your energy and some of the things you can shift

Why time and connection with nature benefits women entrepreneurs

The ripple effect of growing your own garden, and how this truly does change the world

About Our Guest:

Breanne Gibson, MSc, DHN, ROHP, RNCP is a speaker, regenerative coach, holistic nutrition expert, and permaculture consultant.  Her mission is to help create an interconnected and regenerative world. 

Working as an Environmental Analyst in Medical Intelligence writing human health risk assessments for countries worldwide based on environment factors, she made a significant shift in her career to embed herself in nature's systems to discover the way forward in such changing and volatile times.  She embarked on a solo exploration to over 19 countries spending time in solitude in nature, living on different permaculture farms and eco-communities, and connecting with cultures around the world.  Throughout these years she experienced the profound interconnected intelligence rooted in nature's living systems.  

Now, Breanne works with female founders and CEOs to regenerate their personal environments, optimize their female biology, and develop resilience from the inside out, so they can unlock their energy, creativity and potential, and expand their capacity for our changing world.

She is also the founder of Grow Your Own Nutrition helping conscious families and organizations design and grow their own regenerative food gardens.

Connect with Breanne at: BreanneGibson.com

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How do you provide yourself with nature & nutrition?


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