Episode #39 | Asking for What You Want to Receive the Support You Need with Kadidja Yansane

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is showing up without makeup or adornment - as she is - and still owning herself as a Goddess

The dance between nice and fierce

Asking for what we want without apologizing, including support in our businesses

Her steps for expanding our ability to receive

How to let go of needing to be the one to do it all & specific areas she has received support in her business

How being a mom has influenced her business

An exercise she does with her daughter to build her resilience, that is also applicable to business

Celebrating wins and releasing attachment to how things will turn out

How your business is a vehicle for your unique self expression

The shift she made around being feminine AND a business coach

Reclaiming your “woman’s work” and seeing the monetary value of it

The power of asking yourself “what if?”

About Our Guest:

Kadidja Yansane is a Spiritual Business Coach for female entrepreneurs who helps coaches and creative entrepreneurs get more confident charging for their work, so they can get paid to do what they love. Her signature program, The Client Creation Queen helps you master the art of attracting dream clients in 8 weeks. Through working together her clients learn to clarify the unique audience they are meant to serve, own their gifts and bloom into the women they always wanted to be. When she's not working, she can be found at the park with her kiddos and doing all the mommy things. 

Connect with Kadidja at: BloomIntoYou.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
What have you learned about asking for what you want & receiving support?


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