Episode #4 | Self Love and Vulnerability with Emyrald Sinclaire 

In This Episode:

How she leans to what excites her, but also what scares her when it comes to her visibility

Why staying comfortable is uncomfortable for Emyrald and how mental resilience has been really helpful in moving her forward

How the fear of speaking to a potential soulmate is similar to entrepreneurs getting over the fear of rejection in business

Why manifestation, Law of Attraction and mindset impact every area of your life…and how it all comes down to self love

How she focused on herself first and stopped dating in order to attract her soulmate

The biggest things that impact life and relationships and influence the “good times” and “bad”

How she got bold and claimed that she helps spiritual women, even though she felt she was supposed to be “mainstream” and why it made a big difference in her business and the speed of results for her clients

Why sharing her challenges in her relationship, plus the lessons and getting vulnerable on social media and with her audience impacted her business 

The dance between self love, self confidence and vulnerability (and what is NOT vulnerability)

How she chooses to share vulnerably, and when she decides to hold back 

The exercise she leads women through to get into alignment with their desires and avoid the “cursed HOW”

Fears that hold many women back from owning their sex power and why we tend to dim the potency of this energy

Why she chose to write a book (releasing Valentine’s Day 2019) to amp-up her visibility

About Emyrald Sinclaire:

Emyrald Sinclaire is an acclaimed love and relationship coach, author, and inspirational speaker. She shows you a brand new way of attracting in Prince Charming so that you can live a real life Happily Ever After! Emyrald has been featured in Elephant Journal, Moneyish, Bustle, Positively Positive, DailyOM, and other online publications.

Find out more at EmyraldSinclaire.com.  

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