Episode #40 | Living from the Heart & Opening to Love with Jovhanna Tisdale 

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is shedding the rules and truly being her authentic self

Tapping into your heart and tuning out the noise so that you can show up and serve

Calling forward love for yourself in order to show up visibility

Her meditation to connect to yourself and the energy of your business

Her resistance to being a love coach and healer and how she embraced her gifts

How getting comfortable sharing her story of heartbreak and abuse opened up everything for her

Why living from the heart is so challenging

Making the switch from pointing the finger to inward healing

A simple but powerful exercise to connect with ourselves

Her advice for giving yourself compassion 

Why staying in fear & trauma patterns is so common and how we can get out of it

About Our Guest:

Jovhanna Tisdale is The Spiritual Love Healer! Jovhanna is an expert when it comes to healing and healthy relationships. She is certified as an Energy Healing Practitioner, Master Coach, and Intuitive Tarot reader who helps people heal, love, and connect through the programs and services that she offers. When past hurtful, toxic, and unhealthy experiences in dating and relationships hurt you, leaving you feeling unworthy, wounded, unlovable, and broken. Jovhanna helps you to remember that you are still worthy and deserving of living a life full of love and experiencing love, peace, and joy even if you’ve made some mistakes in love along the way. Her mission is to Illuminate, Nurture, and Inspire Spiritual Love in the Hearts and Minds of Women Worldwide, helping you to release the pain of the past and open your heart to love again.

Jovhanna is here to heal, inspire, and create positive change in the world one heart at a time. The mother of two girls lives in Raleigh, NC and loves tea, yoga, music, travel, and all things magical!

Connect with Jovhanna at: TheSpiritualLoveHealer.com

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What does living from the heart look like for you?


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