Episode #41 | How to Choose Love Over Fear with Jessica Joines

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is letting go of layers of inauthenticity and coming from the heart center

Why she’s walked away from the path of letting go of all identities and is embracing parts of herself rooted in joy

How fear and love are two currencies you can choose between at all times

How she went from debilitating panic attacks and addiction to aligning with love

Why if something isn’t working, it most likely comes down to aligning with fear

Our biggest Earth School lesson

Imposter syndrome and fear

How A Course in Miracles changed everything for her

Her story of going from working 80 hours per week in NYC to getting off the hamster wheel and actually living

The #1 thing she wants people to know from her book

Her definition of purpose

The first step to getting out of fear-based living

Why she’s surrendering to the highest purpose for 2020, more now than ever

About Our Guest:

Jessica Joines is a former Global CMO turned bestselling author, coach and inspirational speaker. She is best known for completely reinventing her life shortly after turning 40; when the one she had built was no longer serving her. She now helps women master the twelve spiritual lessons that have been so essential to her own journey, as featured in her book, Dare to Believe. 

Through this work, she empowers female leaders to thrive in all they do, living and leading from their highest potential and truth. Jessica's own career path and personal story have been marked by a long commitment to leading with purpose. While she excelled in her corporate marketing career over the last two decades — most recently as the Global CMO at Rakuten — she felt something was missing. So she bravely stepped into the unknown and changed, well…everything. Eventually finding fulfillment through an alignment with her soul purpose. 

Now, fondly referred to as the, “Spiritual Coach for Business Leaders,” Jessica helps her clients leverage self-awareness driving tools and holistic practices to achieve their goals and show up as the best version of themselves, every day. Inherent to this, she teaches and leads several workshops, including: How to Not Engage With Fear as Truth. As Jessica believes that its only when we learn how to engage with fear as a teacher, rather than truth, that we're able to step into living our highest potential. 

In 2018, Jessica launched the Women’s Purpose Retreat. An invitation-only, carefully curated event for the female C-Suite. As a customized, intimate personal and professional development experience, the women who attend walk away transformed, more deeply connected with their authentic soul purpose. Completely sold out both years, it's become one of the most coveted events for executive women to attend.

Her bestselling book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, topped charts on Amazon for months and has been applauded by authors and teachers alike. Jessica is also a contributing author to Thrive Global. In August of 2019, Jessica launched a live online TV show, Soul Purpose with Jessica Joines, on the United Intentions network. With a reach of 3 million subscribers, across various online platforms, the UI Media App and traditional radio; it's become one of the most popular shows on the network.

Jessica lived in Southeast Asia for the majority of 2011, following her now "infamous" one-way ticket purchase to embark on her soul purpose journey. She has a M.S. from Cornell University, for which she received a full scholarship.

Connect with Jessica at: JessicaJoines.com

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