Episode #42 | From Burnout to Heart Powered Resilience with Sheri Moise

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge has been co-creating a summit, reaching out to those she doesn’t know and letting go of how they might view her

Using visibility as a reflection to see ourselves more clearly

How she realized she wasn’t in alignment   and how she moved through feelings of judgement and shame

Her accidental realignment and how she knew her shift in business was the right move

The difference between playing small and misalignment

Red flags that signal a mentor is not the best person to support you

How “Heart Power” has influenced her life and work

Using your heart to make big decisions in business around the support you need

Why her own journey of burnout led to non-negotiable self care

Her wisdom around resilience, healing and continuing to show up

About Our Guest:

Sheri Moise is a Heart Powered Business Mentor and founder of Heart Mind Energy Coaching. She believes in having it all and NEVER settling for less. She believes that you can get your clients amazing results, grow your business AND have a life you truly love.

When you incorporate a client-based success system that is easy, impactful and connects with the heart…it impacts you, your business and your clients – MAGIC! You and your clients become Heart Powered and you can be confident you are doing everything you can to get your clients results.

Sheri is fiercely committed to supporting healers and health coaches (and of course World Changers!) to feel empowered to make the difference you want to make – helping and healing people.

Your clients need you. The world needs you.

As a certified HeartMath® Mentor, Trainer, and ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Sheri combines both science and spirituality in my work. Although science speaks volumes, she is a firm believer in the powerful connection between our heart, mind, and energy because of her own personal experience.

For nine years she owned a restaurant, worked full time as a successful national sales manager, raised two sons, and kept “healthy” by eating right and exercising five days a week. When she sold the restaurant, she was finally free of the relentless seven day a week schedule and yet the weight had failed to magically lift off her shoulders. Once her life had simplified, it was like a go-ahead for her health (both physical and mental) to take a dangerous nosedive.

Her back went out. She felt depressed. She had lost her purpose and her zest for life. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t get herself together.

She re-emerged into her true, most joyful self through her HeartMath® practice and ThetaHealing® work. From this place the Heart-Mind Method and Heart Mind Energy was born.

What she learned in her early years as an entrepreneur after leaving corporate was how much she needed to lean into this structure. What she knows is that you have to have the right pieces in place to support not only your client but you as well.

Too many coaches and healers are exhausted, overwhelmed and on the brink of giving up.  Sheri is committed to ensuring that you know there is another way.

Let’s get you Heart Powered so that you can create the results, impact and income you are meant to!

Connect with Sheri at: HeartMindEnergy.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
What helps you avoid burnout & stay resilient?


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