Episode #43 | Travel as a Gateway to Trust, Connection & Creativity with Annie Sisson

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is owning all the things she has been told are too much or not enough

How she has embraced her authenticity around presenting in a less traditional “feminine” way (and ditched makeup since 2014)

Why she’s passionate about going beyond the perfect Instagram travel photo and educating women around the meaning of travel

Solo travel and how to use it for uncovering deeper layers of yourself

How trusting yourself and travel are related

Her 6 week central and eastern Europe solo trip and how she did it with a backpack, tent and no plans

What NOT to do if you want to experience magic while traveling

The benefit of connection with local people while traveling and what it does for your life

How to move through blocks around time and money related to travel

Why travel for women entrepreneurs is so essential

Intentional travel versus what we tend to think of with travel

First steps for women considering solo travel

Why integration after a trip is everything, and how she dealt with coming home after 6 weeks away, even though she was a different person

About Our Guest:

Annie is a  Travel Consultant, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator. She created Beyond Reservations to help other women create their own transformational travel experiences, after more than a decade of her own international explorations, which were a catalyst for her own personal growth. She helps women find their tribe and get the most growth from their travel experiences, and also takes small groups of women on intentional journeys to destinations around the globe.

Connect with Annie at: BeyondReservations.us

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
How has travel benefitted you or where are you desiring to travel to?


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