Episode #5 | Infusing Fun & Surplus with Lucia Pavone

In This Episode:

Bringing fun even when it feels hard

How she took the leap to be visible and lead her 3-day Embodied Woman LIVE event September 7-9, 2018 in Portland

Moving through the vulnerability of asking friends for help promoting

How she built a group of women to support her and her work

Going from lack/scarcity to collaboration in business

Why bringing surplus and approval benefits you and everyone around you

Her process that increases all levels of abundance

How she moved from “am I enough?” to making a choice to be seen in her marketing

Why she almost quit the work she loves, and how she recommitted to herself

Moving from victim to taking total responsibility

Using the emotions of fear, anger and jealousy to propel us forward (and why it’s the same kind of energy as being turned on)

What to do when you have differing viewpoints on business, money and/or relationship than your romantic partner or friends, and how to stay true to your own desires

About Lucia Pavone:

Lucia Pavone is an international speaker and instructor of the art of sensual pleasure, with an emphasis on full body orgasm. She supports women to connect to their sensuality, love the body they are in and have a sex life worth bragging about.

Her journey of sexual emancipation began over 15 years ago when she took her first sensuality course and quickly moved to San Francisco to continue her learning. A dedicated sensual researcher, she bust through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm and pleasure, having experienced over 6,000 hours of Deliberate Embodied Orgasm (full body, extended orgasm).

Lucia has been featured on the Ignite Intimacy podcast, Taboo Talk, Performers Creative Lab, discoverHER radio, medium.com and bustle.com. She hosts a weekly educational livestream on O.School, a pleasure based sex education website, which has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Glamour and went viral on NOW THIS.

Lucia believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication , and a woman's orgasm, life has infinite possibilities.

Find out more at LusciousLoveLife.us.  

How do you infuse fun or surplus into your own life and business?

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