Episode #6 | Fulfilling Work on Your Own Terms with Shannon Rey

In This Episode:

✨ How she leaned into her visibility edges by doing a brand video, speaking from her heart and claiming things publicly

Getting comfortable putting your voice out there on social media and moving through the resistance

How no feedback is scarier than negative feedback sometimes, and how she sinks into trusting it reaches the right people who need to hear the message

How she shifted from 20 years in corporate to stepping into “my business is ME” not someone’s product - and saying bold things like “get out of cubicle nation”

Getting comfortable dancing between claiming an extraordinary life, but also being in the process of feeling like you haven’t quite reached it

Why watering down YOUR truth prevents giving others permission to realize their own truth as well

Integrating the complexities of ALL parts of ourselves - career and spirituality

What it means to build fulfilling work on your own terms, and how she is currently serving in both the corporate world as a consultant, as well as a coach in her own business

Her favorite saying that has been guiding her through being her truest self

Navigating business as a spiritual path, and how she has used her 20 years of studying human potential in her work

Building your business from your intuition versus what you are told to do or feel you should do, and how she has learned to trust that networking is the best way for her to build her business

How she moved through her fears and very quickly filled her first group program

About Shannon Rey:

Shannon is a Career Empowerment Coach who works with professional women to help them get crystal clear about what they want and what’s holding them back from having it, so they can do fulfilling work on their own terms!

Shannon believes that we all deserve to do meaningful work that uses both our strengths and passions. She has been a mentor to women in her career of 20 years while also working in Recruiting, Customer Success, and Sales & Marketing in the SF Bay Area—supporting customers such as eBay, PayPal, Workday, Zappos, and Groupon.

Shannon has been studying human potential for over 15 years and is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Nutrition Educator and has a BA in Human Development.

You can find her at — shannon-rey.com

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