Episode #8 | Align Your Business for Purpose & Ease with Ali Daniel

In This Episode:

How her openness to new experiences has allowed her to lean into greater visibility

Her honest thoughts on imposter syndrome, even though she has had great success with just under a year in business as a coach

The mindset shift that she made in order to take action on a big goal immediately

How just sharing her experience in business without needing to share “expert tips” or “strategy” has been beneficial for other people

The internal and external balance for developing confidence and one of her favorite practices for remembering why she’s great at what she does

Her advice for being able to listen to your soul and be in alignment in your business

The main reason many people feel like an employee in their own business, and how she has built her business in a way that feels good

Why the business you start with won’t be the business you end with - and the best way to change and grow with your biz

Her advice for dealing with change and letting go of fear of the unknown

THE #1 question she is constantly asking herself

Her unique definition of purpose, and how to  lessen the pressure to fulfill your purpose (and instead make it a fun process)

How she went from stressful launches where she was unfulfilled afterwards to practices for easeful launches

The sign that you aren’t focused on enjoying the journey and things need to change in your business

How stopping consumption of information helped her in multiple ways

About Ali Daniel:

Ali Daniel is the founder of the Path to Freedom - Coach Academy, a group mentorship program where she teaches women how to align with their purpose and monetize their passions with coaching businesses that light them up. She is the also the creator of the brand, blog, and podcast, Punch Drunk Soul.

You can find her at - punchdrunksoul.com or on Instagram

What are some ways that you incorporate ease into business?

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