Episode #9 | Using Your Intuition to Write a Book with Chloe Rachel Gallaway

In This Episode:

How her journey of visibility has been about finding her “dance”

of learning when to lean in and when to pull out.

Why the most important part of writing a book is making it emotionally impactful - getting to the heart and soul of your story while understanding the craft of writing

How her world-wide VOICES Movement has been both exciting and hard, and what she’s learned about how to take care of herself in the process

How being raised in the wilderness taught her to be brave, which benefitted her in sharing her message with courage and how she’s balanced this with her introverted nature and love for solitude

Her journey as a writing coach of expanding into more of a feminine model and the impact it’s had on her clients as well as her personally

The dance between craft and intuition and why she leads more towards using your intuition to write your book (which isn’t the typical approach)

Elizabeth Gilbert’s views on “book baby” and Chloe’s great advice for writers and creatives around this concept

Chloe’s unique process of creating safety in groups and focusing on nurturing the body, so that people can allow their stories to emerge and unfold

Being of service versus sharing our gifts with the world WHILE growing into our best selves

How “A Whisper of the Heart” is the sign that it’s time to share your story with the world

A few questions to ask yourself, if you feel like you don’t have a story to share or you feel like it’s already been told by someone else

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are writing their story, and how to write it in a way that allows readers to feel the heart of your story

How the point of connection is important in both writing a book, or writing your marketing language for your program

About Chloe Rachel Gallaway:

Author and intuitive writing coach Chloe Rachel Gallaway is the founder of The Winged River Writer and author of The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness, a memoir of her childhood through age twelve in the wilderness of Northern New Mexico. Chloe’s unusual life of growing up deeply connected to nature and spirit has led her to a unique process of intuitively connecting to writing. The writing of this memoir became the foundation for her business and empowered her to become a warrior for helping others to find the truth in their story. A big believer in the power of owning our voice, Chloe is leading the VOICES book series™ movement, helping people become writers who show up with their heart-centered message in the world.

As a mentor and facilitator of the writing process, Chloe is unlike anyone in the industry. She combines her experience of growing up in the wilderness with her training in mindfulness tools and literary writing techniques to deliver a powerful process of mind, body, spirit-transformation through writing. She helps her people move from fear to courage and from doubt to confidence, in mastering the skills of storytelling and writing.

You can find her at - ChloeRachelGallaway.com or VoicesMovement.org

What has your heart been whispering to you when it comes to sharing your voice or writing a book?

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